Tools & Weapons Kit - Large

Tools & Weapons Kit - Large

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  • MD1 - Spear & Woomera Set

  • MD2 - Returning Boomerang

  • MD3 - Hunting Boomerang

  • MD4 - Ceremonial Boomerang

  • MD5 - Shield

  • MD6 - Club

  • MD7 - Battle Axe

  • MD8 - Medium Coolamon

  • MD10 - Digging Stick

  • MD11 - Dilly Bag

  • MD14 - Large Clap Sticks

  • MD18 - Carved Emu Egg + Stand

  • MD19 - Large Hand Woven Basket

  • MD21 - Plain Didgeridoo

Handcrafted by Wailwaan & Yuin man, Millmullian (Laurance Magick Dennis) and weaving done by Wiradjuri women.

MADE TO ORDER. Estimated time to delivery: 12 weeks.

Comes with Certificates of Authenticity and separate information sheets including instructions for cultural use and care of the items for each item in the kit.

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