“Milan Dhiiyaan” is a 100% Aboriginal owned company registered with Supply Nation that specialises in immersive and experiential Aboriginal cultural transformative education. We believe in participatory education that inspires people to make positive changes in their schools, their workplaces and their personal lives.

We can offer hands on practical workshops sharing about the following topics:

  • Aboriginal dance

  • Aboriginal music including singing in Aboriginal language

  • Weaving

  • String making

  • Bush tucker & bush medicines

  • Aboriginal cultural meditation

  • Didgeridoo (Yidaki) workshops

  • Emu egg carving

  • Aboriginal astronomy

  • Aboriginal art workshops & murals

  • Make clapsticks or Aboriginal tools & weapons & coolamon making

  • Aboriginal storytelling

  • Wayilwan & Gamilaraay language & culture

  • Wiradjuri language & culture

  • Aboriginal ochre art

  • Aboriginal sand art

  • Aboriginal spirituality & ceremony

We can also offer Aboriginal dance performances, smoking ceremonies, public speaking about Aboriginal issues and lectures to large groups on any of the workshop topics above.

We can also offer Trauma Informed Care and Practice, Cultural Safety & Protocols and a range of Aboriginal Education sessions for employees & students.


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