About Us


Milan Dhiiyaan means “One Family or One Mob”.  We are referring to all of us, all of humanity, as one family on mother earth.  Milan Dhiiyaan provides Aboriginal cultural immersion experiences for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people of our Australian and global community.

Milan Dhiiyaan is led by Wiradjuri/Wailwaan songwoman and senior cultural educator Nyimirr (Fleur Magick Dennis) and Wailwaan/Yuin songman and senior cultural educator Millmullian (Laurance Magick Dennis).

We believe that our ancient Aboriginal cultural ways of being, doing and knowing hold untapped possibilities for all people in terms of opportunities to create better understandings of ourselves, each other and our earth.

We involve many Aboriginal community members in our work including Elders, our own children, our extended family and many other adults & children.  We offer involvement in Milan Dhiiyaan to our community members to assist in strengthening connection to country and to activate & facilitate personal and collective healing.

We work with a wide range of organisations who seek Aboriginal cultural services from us.  We have extensive experience working with schools, government and non-government organisations and community groups.

When we perform and do ceremony, we sing in a variety of Aboriginal languages such as Wailwaan, Wiradjuri & Gamilaraay and we dance to these songs.  The songs and dances tell stories about our ancestors, our country and our dreaming.  We love to share our culture with people from all multicultural backgrounds and walks of life so we look forward to seeing you!

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Our Logo story

The male and female figures represent the balance between men’s and women’s business.

The footprints represent the journey we take throughout our lives.

The central figure is Biame, our creator.

The animals above Biame’s head represent the different totems of different people from all over country.

The central footprints tells us when we stand before our creator Biame, we are all part of him and part of his family, one mob, Milan Dhiiyaan.