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Milan Dhiiyaan means 'one family'. We exist to share Aboriginal culture among all Australians and all people of the earth to help create healthy relationships with one another and the earth.



We can provide your organisation with powerful Aboriginal dance performances that also engage your audience.

We offer sacred smoking ceremonies indoors and outdoors.We share dreamtime stories through performing arts plays that captivate audiences.

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Cultural Education & Immersion

We can work with your organisation or school to create cultural experiences including immersion activities and workshops that will engage your audience and develop understanding of Aboriginal culture and connection with country.


Cultural Shop

At Milan Dhiiyaan we are expert artists and craftspeople able to tailor cultural arts to your preferred colours, stories, themes and designs.

We craft carved emu eggs, Aboriginal wooden tools, weapons and instruments (including Didgeridoos, Clapsticks, Boomerangs, Spears & Coolamons).

We paint canvas paintings of all sizes, large murals on buildings and small hand painted gifts.

We weave baskets and other creations from natural materials.

We have been taught our cultural arts and crafts by our Elders who have also passed on to us the dreaming stories we tell through our arts & crafts.

Please contact us via email for a price list as we are currently working on designing our online shop.


Let us tailor an experience just for you

We are highly flexible performers, educators and artists: please let us know your requirements and we can work with you to design your preferred experience or product

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