I have attended more than a dozen of Milan Dhiyaan’s Aboriginal Cultural Presentations... every time I learn something more & at  greater depth of the richness of Aboriginal Culture. After more than 50 years of connection with Indigenous people all over NSW, I find them outstanding. Come join the amazing experiences they have to offer.
— Jane Purkiss , Lecturer in Sociolinguistics & Head Tutor Aboriginal Education Unit, University of Western Sydney former).

I’ve been dancing with Fleur Magick-Dennis for 10 years (since I was 11, I’m now 22). The reason why I want to dance more with you is because I love everything about my culture and I’d love to teach my daughter and future generations as I get older. What I love learning from Uncle locky and Aunty Fleur are the Dreamtime stories and learning about all our different plants and animals and especially our ancestors in our culture 🙂 Since having this having this opportunity to be more connected with my people and culture I’ve learnt to be more confident in myself
— Lesley, Dancer with Milan Dhiiyaan

The meditation workshop was such an amazing, powerful and deeply valuable experience. The facilitation was led with deep insight and honesty, which created a safe, supportive and healing space.
— Visha

Milan Dhiiyaan have been crucial to the development of Aboriginal traditional culture at McCarthy Catholic College in Tamworth. They have been instrumental to the growth of our Indigenous cultural performance dance group and are both respected and cherished by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.
— Jolene Faint – Aboriginal Education Assistant, McCarthy College

The Biology students were presented with examples of the aboriginal land management practices employed for thousands of years. They were able to actively engage with samples of Australia’s own superfoods and natural biodegradable tools and baskets. The impact on the students was evident from their positive and enthusiastic feedback after the session.
— Sheryl Otway, Head of Science, Hunter Valley Grammar School