Our Ethics Statement


In regards to our business activities we will conduct ourselves in line with the following principles:

Respect for ourselves and all people & caring for ourselves and all people and respect for country and caring for country.

Role modelling the revival of our cultural practices in everyday family/community life including at work by openly sharing/expressing our cultural & spiritual beliefs & practices and openly speaking our languages.

At all times working without any drugs/alcohol in our system and in a drug/alcohol free environment.

Role modelling by living a life free from drugs/alcohol/gambling.

Respecting all people equally regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or religious beliefs.

Conducting ourselves with a professional attitude to work.

Taking only what we need from country and leaving nothing but footprints behind.

Acknowledging  country, mother and father creators, our ancestors and our people as appropriate.

Asking for spiritual guidance from country, creators & ancestors as appropriate.

Ensuring that there is balance between men’s business and women’s business and that both sexes have a say in the direction of our cultural business.

Practicing reciprocity (giving back) to our people & our community to work towards social justice for all people.

Role modelling positive relationships including promoting violence free families and positive parenting.

Respecting people’s right to self-determination – Ensuring that all people involved have a direct say in things that affect our lives including in program design, content & delivery.

Appropriate use of funds including ethical budgeting, spending funds as allocated to the program, clear and concise account keeping.

Modelling positive behaviours in our lives, walking our talk, being the change we want to see in the world.

Working in partnership with other businesses/organisations by:  having face to face meetings with the other party(ies), joint development of budgets, joint development of programs, joint development of funding grant applications, joint planning of calendars/timelines in regards to work & total transparency between all parties working in partnership in any project work together.

Ensuring that the creation of our products cause either zero impact on the environment or that we minimise the impact - we seek best practice eg. printing on recycled paper only with vegetable based inks and solar power, when using native timber we do not kill trees but only take a branch without killing the tree or use a tree that is already dead.

We ensure that we practice fair trade with regards to employment practices and leading by example sustainable & healthy employment conditions.

Knowing that we cannot be perfect, being honest when we make a mistake thereby leading by example a willingness to be accountable to ourselves and others and forgiving of ourselves and others.